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The Barber App is Specially designed for the online booking at the Barber Shop. The user can book online Seat at the date and time of his choice. Users are also able to Choose a Hair Style and he can also choose a Service Provide (Specialist Hair Dresser). When a User selects a date and time then He receives an update about confirmation. At the same time, the Concerned Hair Dresser Received a Message for Reservation. Then He can approve or Disapprove reservation. Free Download barber booking app ui design, App Designs, UI Mobile Apps, Best Mobile App, PSD UI Kits and Much more.

Download iOS App Design templates for Barber Booking App UI Design including Free PSD SourceFile. The Barber App Includes Home Screen, Profile Screen, Login Screen, Sign Up Screen and Reserver Seat Screen, Service Provider Screen, Welcome and Map Screen. General Features (High-Resolution PSD, Free Mockups, Free Fonts, Free Images and much more).

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barber booking app ui design

1.  Barber Booking App UI Design | Splash Screen

This is the Starting Screen. This Screen shows to a user while the app is loading his files. Here You can place your company logo. This Screen also shows the progress of loading data. See More Splash Screen.

2. Barber Booking App UI Design | Best Mobile App

Menu Screen is the Main Screen of Best Mobile App which shows the Splash Screen. This Screen also called home screen. In this screen, users can choose different screens of the app. This Screen shows the complete details of all the Screen of the Barber app. User Can also log out from this screen. Account Setting and Setting Screens can also be accessed from this screen. Watch More Menu Screens


Best Mobile App

3. Barber Booking App UI Design | PSD UI Kits

This Screen is designed for online booking. In this Screen, User Can Select a Hair Style and Asked the Service provider for seat reservation. The Hair Styles are arranged in Three Different Categories i.e Large Hair Styles, Medium Hair Styles, Small Hair Styles. User Can choose any one hairstyle from these Categories.

psd ui kits
psd ui kits

4. Location Finder (Map Screen) – App Designs

Location Finder Screen of iOS App Template is specially designed for newcomers. The new user who reserves a seat in the Barber Shop can easily find his shop using Location Finder (Map Screen)

App Designs
App Designs

4. SMS Update Screen

On this Screen of iOS App Templates, Service Provider see a notification of Seat Reservation Request. He Can approve or disapprove the reservation. He can also go the Dashboard where he can see the Available/remaining Seats.

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